Skydrive on Xbox 360

Not sure how I missed this, seeing as I've been demanding that Microsoft release it for several years now. Probably because it launched when I was in the middle of moving halfway around the world and my Xbox was on a ship for three months...

Anyway, apparently Microsoft launched Skydrive for Xbox 360 back in December and in doing so has tied together its ecosystem rather neatly.

All of your content is now available across desktop, mobile and tablet already, irrespective of which platform you use. However add-in the Xbox component and you start to see some further benefits of being part of the Microsoft ecosystem.

For Windows Phone users pictures taken on the go will be available on your TV from the minute they get uploaded, potentially as soon as you've taken them. And because Skydrive is so much better than Photostream you can be sure that all your photos will remain available for as long as you want them to. Given iCloud's propensity of mangling your photo stream that will come as a welcome relief for most users.

One-upping Apple's weak cloud service isn't difficult but Microsoft have actually delivered a comprehensive cloud service across any device you own - Android, iOS or Microsoft and delivered it well. Even Google hasn't managed to deliver its full cloud to every device.

Even better, with Skydrive sharing enabled, anyone else with an account can share their media with you to, straight to the Xbox screen. If you're a multi-Windows Phone family that's great news.

Little by little Microsoft appears to be clawing back the ground its lost to Apple and Google, to the benefit of its customers.


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