Microsoft Needs To Fix Its Messaging

Windows RT, Windows Phone and now Xbox One. What do they have in common? They've all been poorly received because Microsoft did a terrible job of getting the message out to its customers.

Today Microsoft backtracked on some of the innovation that it announced as part of the Xbox One launch. In doing so it answered the criticism of the media and Sony's PS4 launch digs. As a result Xbox One owners will actually get a worse experience and fewer features in order that Microsoft is able to respond to ill-informed or unjustified criticism.

Microsoft needs to look at how it presents these things much more closely in the future. The company needs to understand that its dealing with a largely hostile press and a social media arena where it is still seen as the man. By failing to anticipate the way that product launches are going to be torn apart looking for weaknesses in content and used to stick it to the man Microsoft just stores up trouble for itself.

So taking the Xbox One launch as an example, we have the media focus on two issues. Resale of games and the keep-alive internet connection. Microsoft had good reasons for implementing both of these and buyers would have enjoyed significant benefits as a result.

Firstly a system which removed some of the (large) profits of second hand game sales from retailers and shared them with publishers. Better profits for publishers means more games being produced. And there was no cost to the consumer for this. Secondly, any member of your family registered on your Xbox One would have been able to play any game installed on your Xbox One on any other Xbox One. No need for transporting disks. Ever again.

In fact it would have meant the end of disk swapping as all games would have been installed to your Xbox One and streamed to any other that you had logged into.

All that is now gone, at least for day one, to satisfy the chatterings of ill-informed trouble makers who likely had no intention of buying one anyway..

Had Microsoft considered its initial message better we would never have got to this point...


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