Latest Numbers Are In, Android Winning, Windows Phone Rising

Kantar WorldPanel published its reports on smartphone sales for the quarter ending in April this week and the numbers make for very interesting reading.

Google's Android platform is eating up the market, posting further leaps forward in market share in every territory. In a growing marketplace this points to incredible sales numbers. And the figures suggest that both Sony and LG have seen success with low end phones, slightly reducing Samsung's dominance of Android.

Apple's market share figures don't look quite so good - although again in a growing market place that mat not necessarily mean fewer sales, just a contraction when measured against the market growth.

What is proving to be something of a surprise is how quickly Nokia and Microsoft are growing the Windows Phone platform. Despite being the butt of jokes from both sides of the iOS/Android divide Windows Phone has now secured third place in the market in almost every territory that Kantar measure.

What's more Windows Phone is pushing positive market share growth in just about every area - again good news for Microsoft, Nokia and Stephen Elop, who is starting to see some payback for the pain of his burning platform strategy.

In fact its entirely possible that Windows Phone could start to close in on Apple's second place in the sales war in some markets. Italy looking the most likely place for this to happen - for every three iPhones sold there, two Windows Phones roll out of the door.

Of course its just as likely that this is actually a result of pent-up demand for the new iPhone and Apple will post gangbusters sales numbers when that new device launches.

For Blackberry things look pretty bleak - only in Japan did it manage to retain third place and Windows Phones comprehensively outsold Blackberries in former strongholds like the UK and France (by nearly two to one); Italy (by more than five to one) and Germany (sixteen to one!) The indications are that the Z10 did little to reverse the Canadian company's decline. I'm guessing the keyboarded Q10 might deliver a dead cat bounce, but really Blackberry are off down the same path that Palm trod.

What we are looking at is a complete whitewash for Google: only in Japan does it not hold first place in the smartphone market. And in most other territories better than two in three smartphones sold run some form of Android.

You can find the full report on Kantar's site here.


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