Improved Atoms Spell The End For Windows RT

Microsoft went to a lot of trouble to ensure that its tablet's could match the best of what Apple and Android could offer in terms of performance and battery life.

In fact they invented a whole new operating system to launch at the same time as Windows 8 - Windows RT. They had to do this because Microsoft envisaged a whole new tablet line competing on price, meeting its performance goals and achieving this by running on the ARM platform.

Wind the clock forward six months and Intel have fired back.

Now its possible to get Windows tablets that run true Intel chipsets - and can therefore run legacy Windows software as well as new 'Modern UI' apps - yet still manage to achieve fantastic levels of battery and performance when measured against the best of the ARM world.

These Atom SoC have made the concept of Windows on ARM obsolete.

I can't imagine sales have been amazing thus far anyway, and the prospect of getting full Windows for a better price is liable to kill them completely.

I'm sure Windows RT will be abandoned within the next year (if not sooner) and a renewed focus placed on tweaking Windows 8 to deliver optimal performance on Intel Atom.


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