Dutch Supreme Court Finally Kills Apple's 'We Own Rectangles' Claim

Apple has pursued Samsung across most of Europe in an attempt to enforce its patent on a rectangle with rounded corners.

The Dutch Supreme Court has become the latest to dismiss the claim, upholding a lower court's decision that Apple's patent was valid but limited as a number of other companies (including Samsung) could demonstrate prior art. The judges, sensibly, held that consumers were intelligent enough to identify the difference between the two devices sufficiently.

Perhaps the words 'Samsung' and 'Galaxy Tab' written large across the box might have been a giveaway. How stupid does Apple think consumers are?

European law being what it is, this latest judgement will no doubt have to replayed across several more courtrooms across Europe as Apple continues to choose to litigate rather than innovate. (Something that Tim Cook suggested would come to an end under his stewardship).

Proof of the lunacy of such a decision is that the tablet under attack from the Apple lawsuit was the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 - now two generations out of date with today's launch of the Galaxy Tab 3.


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