The Internet of Things

We've been long promised a glorious future of technology that talks to 'things' rather than just other bits of technology.

It's been a long time coming but there's evidence that we might just be getting there. 

There's not been a sudden avalanche of devices, but slowly and surely, more and more everyday objects are appearing that have the ability to talk to devices. 

The Philips Hue Lighting system is a popular one at the moment, but connected refrigerators, scales, health devices and power switches are all out there too. Not to mention the TVs and DVD players, consoles and media players. Even door locks. They are all linked by their ability to connect. 

We have the connected devices, the next stage is finding a service that manages to tie them all together. 

I don't know who'll be the first to make this work, but I suspect first mover advantage is going to be key. 

And wherever the solution comes from you can be sure that the central point of control will be your smartphone. The most personal of devices will become an even more central part of your life. 


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