Samsung Takes Down Nokia At Home - And Plans Finnish Research Centre Too?

Samsung outsold Nokia in its once impregnable stronghold home market last quarter. For a company that so defines the national psyche that's a failure of incomprehensible proportions. 

Would the same be true of a Nokia running Meego or Android? Who knows, either way Nokia's embarrassment is all but complete.

In the days that come, when the company has risen again, whether its with Elop's hand at the wheel or Microsoft's partnership or not; this will surely be seen as the nadir of the company's long history.

Samsung aren't just outselling the home team though, they're looking to scoop of the valuable resources that Nokia have rapidly ditched in its been to remain solvent: its people.

The Korean giant will be setting up a research centre in Finland and will no doubt reap the rewards of employing people who've grown up with the industry. So long as it doesn't take on the political troubles that blighted Nokia prior to Elop's arrival.

East-West tie ups aren't always successful (think Sony-Ericsson, Fujitsu-Siemens or Alfa Romeo-Nissan) but taking on the skills of the Finnish works force without the baggage of their former employer looks like another smart move from Samsung.


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