Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Is Official

Secret until just yesterday, the Galaxy S4 Google Edition was made official at IO13 today. Its every bit as exciting as it first promised to be, packing all of the S4's hardware (no word on processor, so I'm guessing the availability of LTE means it will pack Snapdragon, rather than Octacore Exynos) and Google's Nexus experience.

This Google Edition experience will extend beyond the purchase (Play store, United States only, for now) and naming; to the upgrade experience. Google will be responsible for providing the updates to this edition of the S4 - likely at or around the same time as Nexus devices get them. The S4 arrives packing the latest Android Jelly Bean build, but with 4.3 due to be announced any day now, its comforting to know you won't have to wait on Samsung to deliver your freshly baked Key Lime Pie.

Price in the US is listed as $649 - which looks pretty competitive. Thats about $50 cheaper than Amazon in the US, £60 cheaper than Clove's unlocked SIM-free S4 in the UK and about $200 cheaper than shelf prices for New Zealand.

Availability is slated for June, now its time to see if all those people demanding a Samsung device running AOSP are prepared to put their money where their mouths are.


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