Phone Updates - Not Necessarily A Good Thing

The availability of updates for devices has always been a popular bone of contention, the ability to gain extra features as new versions of mobile OS platforms arrive has become an expectation rather than a priviliege - mostly due to the excellent work that Apple does in keeping its users on mostly up to date revisions of iOS.

So how is it that my iPhone currently sits (through choice I should add) two steps back from the current iOS for iPhone release?

Its very much about a distrust for the quality of those updates.

On previous iPhones every single update pushed out over and above the original shipped OS has caused me problems - the iPhone 4S being the worst offender, with each successive point upgrade introducing new problems and failing to fix the existing ones.

Similarly, Android upgrades from HTC have always frustrated too. Samsung have been much better, but I've never had to do anything more than a minor point upgrade to a Galaxy, so its not entirely clear cut.

Microsoft had an exemplary record with Windows Phone updates - until the 7.8 upgrade turned my Lumia 800 from Dr Jekyll to Mr Hyde. I wasn't alone in enduring this complete disaster, although I was more fortunate than countless others in not having to use the resultant device as my main phone.

In fact apart from Nexus devices that I have owned, the whole upgrade process has left me wary of applying any updates to any of my phones. And though I've never experienced problems with Nexus upgrades myself I know that some Nexus 4 users have had a less than perfect experience of late.

So, next time your OEM announces an update for your phone, promising the latest and greatest features, it might be wise to take a watching brief and see how others fare, before deciding on whether to deploy the update yourself.


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