iPhone 5 Cases: Not How It Should Be Done

Every time Apple updates the iPhone's design one thing that's prominent in the feature list is how thin the new device is. Usually the weight reduction will be to the fore too.

So having bought a device where a large chunk of the value has gone into making it as thin as possible and the battery life has been compromised to fit the cells into the smallest possible volume, why would you then put it into something like this: the Otterbox Defender? I'm sure its a great case - if you're on a building site or working an environment harsh to a phone (but then why wouldn't you just buy a rugged phone and get the right device for the job?)

But Lifehacker.com readers just voted this the best iPhone 5 case out there. Something really very wrong about that. Check out the video - it demonstrates a contempt for the aesthetics of the iPhone that borders on the criminal. No one needs so much butt ugly protection. Its a whole different phone - and not in a good way.


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