Google Play Music All Access - It's Not Spotify

IO13 delivered plenty of new this morning, some expected, some anticipated.

One of those things that we knew was incoming was Google's Music service gaining some form of streaming option. Many we're predicting a competitor for Spotify. 

They were wrong. 

The service that Google actually launched is much more of a competitor for Rdio or than its Nordic counterpart.

Which begs the question: why would you use it?

At $9.99 a month it doesn't differentiate on price and, details of its contracts with music suppliers suggest the music catalogue won't be a selling point either. 

In fact for the same monthly cost Spotify looks like a far better service. Ugly mobile app aside. Build your own playlists, play albums or even just tracks when and how you want. 

I'm sure there are advantages to the GMPAA subscription, I'm just not seeing any right now. 


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