Gartner Sales Figures Show Android, Samsung Extending Mobile Dominance

Gartner has published sales figures for Q1 2013 and they make excellent reading for Google and Samsung, with other Android OEMs LG. Huawei and ZTE also posting significant growth, likely the result of booming sales into China.

Every fourth phone (smart or otherwise) sold last quarter came from Samsung.

Apple's iPhone sales were up by more than five million units (about 15%), although with the rate that the market is growing that equated to a drop of 4.3% market share in the smartphone space.

Windows Phone was the biggest mover in the smartphone market posting a 120% increase in sales year on year and Nokia effectively became Windows Phone last quarter, outselling all other Windows Phone OEMs combined by almost seven to one. Overall though it wasn't great news for Microsoft/Nokia - Windows Phone was still outsold by Blackberry, even though the Canadians were dead men walking for most of the quarter. The arrival of new generation Blackberries may make third place in the OS market difficult to claim for Microsoft.

There was more pain for Nokia as feature phone sales and the death of Symbian saw them ship twenty million fewer phones than a year ago. Smartphone sales this time last year were around 18% of overall sales, which slipped to around 10% last quarter, suggesting that not only are the Finns selling fewer phones, but the mix of those sold is weakening too.

Dominating the rapidly disappearing feature phone market isn't helping Nokia right now, even if its strategy of producing phones for emerging markets may pay off in the medium term.

Symbian and Bada are slowly disappearing off the sales chart - which doesn't bode well for those companies looking to secure a chunk of the smartphone market with new mobile platforms - Jolla, Firefox and Ubuntu for example.

Full numbers can be found here.


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