Facebook Home - What Facebook Should Have Done Instead

After a high profile launch the Facebook Home replacement launcher and the HTC First phone, which brought it to the world, are rapidly disappearing from view. The former has been on the end of a seriously good kicking in the Play App Store, where it garners very high download numbers and incredibly low ratings. The First, meanwhile, has had its European launch cancelled and is all but dead in the US too.

Facebook fundamentally misunderstood how the smartphone market worked and as a result delivered an app that nobody wanted.

If Facebook had taken the time to ask its users what they wanted they would have probably found out that a greatly improved Facebook client and a native Tablet application would have gained them much more kudos with the majority of users then the flawed Home application.

It doesn't have to end here though. Home adds some useful features that could either become part of the app or part of a widget. Giving Android users what they wanted from Facebook in the first place.

And even if Home itself has been something of a failure, the change to how Android Launchers are perceived and built will no doubt have far-reaching consequences.

In the meantime its probably worth Mark Zuckerberg buying up all the unsold HTC First stock and making his software engineers use them exclusively for the next year. They may then gain a better understanding of what 'Good' looks like on Android. A platform that many have never even seen before, to judge from the app.


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