F1: Perez Kicking Up A Storm

Since McLaren asked Sergio Perez to add some aggression to his racing we've seen the young Mexican deliver some impressive drives.

Unfortunately, the old guard don't like it, with drivers complaining about the way that Perez has been going about his racing.
All I can say is 'tough'.
Jensen Button was probably expecting a nice easy season after Lewis Hamilton's departure to Mercedes. It's turning out to be anything but. Perez had made the former champion look pretty average over the last three races and Button doesn't like it. As witnessed by his constant whining on the team radio.
Other former champions Alonso and Raikkonen were also moaning about Perez after last weekend's Monaco GP.
Personally I think they both need too look at their own performances.
Alonso was all-round pedestrian, not the usual fired up sort of race we've come to expect from the Spaniard. His defending was so poor that many thought he had car problems.

Raikkonen, stupidly, shut the door on Perez when the McLaren driver had nowhere to go. The resulting collision hurts the Finn's championship challenge much more than just conceding the place.
Ironically Perez retired with no brakes before the end of the race so Raikkonen would have got his place back anyway.
While those at the front were happy to  run down the laps following each other around the Monagasque streets, Perez, Sutil and Di Resta actually indulged in some racing.
Good for them.
Let's hope we see much more of this aggressive racing as the season progresses. Could even make F1 fun to watch once more.
That would be an achievement.


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