F1: Honda and Mclaren Re-united For 2015

Honda's first ever race winner, the 1967 RA300
Honda is the fifth most successful F1 engine supplier of all time. Its partnership with Mclaren produced, in the 1988 season, an almost total domination of the sport. More recently the company endured a disastrous period as a constructor and engine supplier, eventually abandoning the sport after producing just one win from an alleged half a billion dollar investment in the team. Its return to the sport is a landmark moment.

Which Honda will turn up I wonder? Certainly the return to turbocharged engines should suit the Japanese manufacturer - of the turbo championships (effectively 1983-1989) the company provided the power for four constructor championship winning cars and powered three drivers to World Championships.

The Mclaren-Honda returns to the fray in 2015, although Mclaren's 2014 engine partner, Mercedes are likely to take measures to ensure that its technology isn't available to its rival firm's engineers - which probably suggests another poor season in the offing for the struggling Mclaren team.


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