Details of Xbox One Used Game Costs Leak

The missing link in Microsoft's Xbox One announcement last week was definitely the handling of used games. Rumour has followed rumour, with suggestions that Microsoft will charge gamers anything from nothing to full price to activate pre-owned games on their systems.

Now gaming sites are starting to report that games publishers are leaking the agreements reached with Microsoft; and that the pre-owned market will take on a slightly more favourable hue for all concerned.

As things stand, retailers take all the profit from a resold second-game. Its a lucrative market and probably the thing that has kept most retailers afloat in the face of massive competition from online retailers and supermarkets.

In future the retailers when retailers buy a second-hand game from a customer they will have to register the purchase with Microsoft - at a cost - and the game will be removed from the associated Xbox Live account.

There is no cost to the customer buying or selling the game - although of course in order to retain its profit margin the retailer is likely to split the fee between the seller and purchaser of the used game. At least the fee will be hidden from both parties.

Microsoft will split the charge with the games publisher so in future we should see no more examples of the practise of including one time use codes with new games.

With all the negatives that surrounded the launch of the Xbox One, I'm surprised that Microsoft didn't make at least a mention of this to assuage the fears of its customers.


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