Windows Phone 7.8 Crashes Heavily, Further Burns Abandoned Owners

After a bit of a delay caused by shipping my possessions halfway around the world, I finally got the chance to try Windows Phone 7.8 on my Lumia 800. This has allowed me to prove the veracity of the many complaints being made about the upgrade.

Windows Phone 7.8 only exists to placate Windows Phone 7 owners orphaned by the announcement of Windows Phone 8. That it manages to be both disappointing and unreliable just adds to the pain. Microsoft have made a real error of judgement with this one.

Whilst Microsoft suggested that WP7.8 would bring the features of Windows Phone 8 to the older devices, it turns out that the sum total of its updates were the new resizable Live Tiles, some new theme colours and the ability to use Bing photo of the day images for the lock screen.

Good job Microsoft peeps, that must have taken a whole weekend to put together. Or did you get the interns to knock it together over a few lunchtimes?

There isn't even the relief of an update that works reliably. No, when kicking its former customers Microsoft missed no opportunity to extend the pain. Many users report that the new Live Tiles aren't... live, whilst both battery and Bluetooth performance have been compromised. I can confirm that these are exactly the problems I'm seeing on the Lumia too.

Its a real shame and  I can see how this will stop those owners affected ever purchasing a phone with Microsoft software again. The element of trust is broken and I suspect that those injured parties will be seeking the succour of Android or iOS at the soonest opportunity.

Which is a real shame, as Windows Phone 8 has an awful lot going for it. At least the dreadful sales numbers of WP7 devices mean that Microsoft have only upset a very limited number of users... talk about silver linings!


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