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Why Battery Life Isn't Critical For Most Users

Smartphone batteries drain at incredible rates. Hardly surprising, we're asking them to do things that would have been inconceivable even a couple of years ago.

With a couple of notable exceptions you'll struggle to make a high end smartphone last all day. Yet  most buyers don't seem to care, how can this be?

The answer lies in how we are surrounded by charging opportunities. Carry your USB cable with you and there are endless opportunities to top off that battery.

Anyone who works in an office will be familiar with the sight of desks full of smartphones tethered to PCs sneaking in a few extra amps of charge.

And if you're in the car you should be taking the opportunity to grab a charge too.

Not to mention that more and more buses and trains have charging points.

Those who grab every opportunity to plug their smartphones in aren't just freeing themselves from battery anxiety, but also ensuring that the active life of their phone's battery.

So unless you really are spending days away from mains power, battery life shouldn't form a major part of your buying decision.

But we both know it will...