To Sell Phones, First You Must Have Phones

HTC have something of a saviour device on their hands right now. A good thing too, as the company slid closer and closer to oblivion late last year we all asked ourselves "can they do something special to turn things around?"

The answer has been an emphatic yes.

The One, which launched earlier this year, has been a critical success, generating more positive column inches and social comment than the last ten HTC phones put together.

However there remain two serious obstacles to making this phone the success it should be: availability and marketing.

Right from the off HTC struggled to get the phone out to customers and even now, months after its announcement, it is only available in select countries. Contrast this with rival Samsung's GS4 - launched much later, but with worldwide availability yesterday and in serious numbers too.

Secondly marketing. Most people don't choose a phone based on what they see in the store. The decision has been made by the marketing they see and feedback from their peer group. HTC phones aren't a common sight at the moment, HTC advertising even less so. Again Samsung has gone all in to let people know what the GS4 can do. And of course there are tens of millions of GS3 owners out there who will rave about their phones when questioned.

HTC have to get both the phones and the message out there, or else designing and building one of the best phones ever made will have been a brilliant effort all in vain.


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