Oops... Someone at Wired Got Their Buttons Pushed

The Funny or Die movie that I linked you to yesterday has certainly divided opinion. More bizarrely its been really pushing the buttons of some people who I can only assume are blind Apple fanboys (and are missing the parody completely); or who seem to have had a complete sense of humour bypass. In both cases the reaction has been one of affront that I'm guessing is exactly what the Funny or Die Team were looking for.

One such person is Wired's Mat Honan, whose review of the film is so insane its a parody in itself. Which camp Honan falls into I'm not sure but he clearly demonstrates the validity of the 'don't post when you're angry' rule. Here's a reviewer who could have benefited from leaving the review in his inbox for 24 hours before hitting post.

Want to share the insanity? The review is posted here.


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