Kantar Reports Android, Windows Phone Growth In US

Kantar's sales sampling numbers traditionally give a very accurate view of how the smartphone market is growing and the latest set of figures covering the quarter to February make very interesting reading.

Android and Windows Phone both showed significant growth in market share, whilst iOS and BlackBerry posted significant falls.

That Google's platform holds better than 50% market share, is now surprise, however a drop of nearly 10% in its market share must be worrying for Apple's bean counters.

BlackBerry's collapse continued, losing 80% of its market share, year on year. The quarter only includes one month of Z10 sales so we'll have to wait to see just how bad things really are.

Microsoft and its partners saw a significant jump in market share - adding 50% to previous sales. Interestingly Kantar notes a limited increase in Nokia's sales, suggesting that Microsoft's other partners, HTC,Samsung and Huawei may be seeing some growth in the US.