iCancer: Can Crowdsourcing Fund Development of NET Cancer Treatment?

Every single one of us will experience the pain of cancer in our lifetimes, whether that be personally or through someone we know and love.

But what if I told you that there is a promising new treatment for a particular type of cancer that is sat in a freezer, in a lab in Sweden. Going nowhere. Helping no-one. I hope you'd be as shocked as I am.

A team in Sweden led by Prof. Magnus Essand have developed the treatment to this stage and have seen very positive results for NET Cancer treatment in clinical trials on mice. And now further research has stalled, as the team has been unable to raise funds for trials with a group of human patients. The funds would normally come from one or other of the world's pharmaceutical giants - for whom the $2m costs represent the smallest drop in the ocean.

However in this case the Swedish team published their research into the public domain in order to give this promising treatment the widest possible chance of developing into something that extends and improves patient's lives. That means that whoever backs the clinical trial cannot be assured of being able to patent the final product, consequently those pharmaceuticals may not be able to sell the treatment at the sort of obscene profit levels that should be outlawed as criminal. No prospect of enormous profits equals no investment as far as they are concerned.

In order to ensure that this is not the end for the NET eating virus that the team have genetically engineered, a group have put together a crowd funding initiative to raise the funds to complete the clinical trial.

Details can be found here at the iCancer website.

At a time when corporate greed is ruining the world for so many people, don't let this opportunity to demonstrate the power of the people pass you by. Donate anything, every single pound or dollar makes this more likely to happen. If you're in the UK or US the amount is even tax deductible.

$2m amounts to about three months earnings for the average Premier League football player, or about twenty minutes of profit for Apple.

It would reflect badly on humanity if we are unable to make this happen.


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