Funny or Die: iSteve. Satire, But Gently Done

So the first film of Steve Jobs life arrives and its from the team at Funny or Die. This is going to be a divisive piece of work. Not belly laugh funny, not overly cruel and ultimately striking just the right tone  for such a difficult subject.

That's not to say it doesn't have its moments of humour - watch out for the nerd fight between Jobs and Gates, Woz working as a delivery man and Justin Long (as Jobs) recruiting himself for the I'm a Mac commercials.

Its just under 80 minutes long - unheard of for Funny or Die - and was put together in record time specifically to grab the title of first Jobs biopic. With no pretence at historical accuracy and a clear intention of mocking the makers of the other Jobs films due this year (rather than mocking Jobs himself) many will just not get it.

Watch the trailer below or dive in for the full movie here.