Apple's Cloud Woes Continue - iMessage and FaceTime Out Today

Apple does seem to get into a lot of problems with its 'cloud' services compared to competing platforms. Especially when you consider how good the customer experience is elsewhere in the Apple ecosystem and how many goes they've had at getting it right.

Today its the turn of iMessage and FaceTime, two of the better services that Apple offer, to drop offline.

For services which have actually become key parts of some users communication armoury being offline for close to five hours (as of 11.30AM, NZT) is very poor indeed.

This would be an excellent opportunity for Microsoft to make a big push behind Skype, but for yesterday's news of the Skype Bitcoin mining trojan attack. At the moment Apple's flakey service looks  a better bet than Microsoft's security challenged one.

If you're affected by the outage you can get the latest status updates from this Apple page.