Android to iOS: One Week Wrapup

Well I did it. I went through a whole week with an iPhone not just as my main phone, but as my only phone.

Truth be told my expectations for the week weren't high. The iPhone has a great reputation for some things, but competing with the best that Android has to offer isn't high on that list.

So one week on, how do I feel about the change?

Firstly, contrary to expectations, I found I didn't miss any of the extra features and functionality that I've grown used to with Android. Yes, the Note 2's pen is brilliant but without the need to do day to day note taking I haven't required it at all. NFC has proven to be something that I rarely use and things like fast access to settings toggles and widgets are either adequately replaced by iOS or not necessary if you work with the iPhone rather than against it. Google's own applications are all present and correct, which makes the transition much easier. The addition I would like to see on iOS is browser text reflow. Until you've used it you don't really understand how useful it is.

Hardware-wise I have missed the Note's enormous screen for media consumption. On the other hand the iPhone is so much more portable that I couldn't consider going back. I spend an awful lot more time carrying a phone in my pocket than watching video.  Even the One X feels cumbersome by comparison.

I have found the close integration between Apple devices to be a huge bonus, an experience that neither Microsoft nor Google has managed to replicate. As the owner of a MacBook, iPad and iPhone the ability to jump seamlessly from one device to another and have everything be there is a fundamental shift in the way we work with gadgets. Microsoft were here first (Mesh anybody?) but once again its Apple who have made it work transparently. Unfortunately Apple is far from making it work reliably - in the week that I've been a user the service has had two outages and is having problems again, even as I type this. I'm not sure how committed Apple is to the service, but it needs to add a huge heap of reliability if it wants to retain credibility.

Functionally I would like to see better handling of text messages from iCloud. Whilst iMessage delivery occurs everywhere, texts only arrive on the phone. If I have an iPhone registered to my account I want texts to be delivered to whichever screen I'm looking at right now. And I want to be able to reply from there too.

Perhaps in the next version of iOS.

Finally a word about the battery and recharging. I've had the iPhone for a week and I've only had it plugged into its charger once, completing the first full charge to test rundown times. Otherwise the ten minutes a day it gets plugged into my car is enough to keep the battery topped off. Charging is super quick and standby power usage is minimal.

Against all odds the iPhone just works for me. Nothing else to add. It will remain my only phone for the foreseeable future.


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