Android to iOS: Day One - So I Bought An iPhone...

Its been more than a year since I've been a regular iPhone user and in that time I've become firmly embedded in the Android way of doing things, despite dabbling in Windows Phone 8. iOS? I'm never going back... except I'm now the owner of an iPhone 5.

I was really going to wait for the HTC One - but its been delayed so long I fear that it won't appear until after winter has rolled around here in the southern hemisphere. I was going to wait for the Galaxy S4 but then decided that it didn't differ enough from the Note 2
in either hardware or software to make owning both sensible or make selling the Note desirable. I even considered the Sony Xperia Z, despite my poor past experiences with Xperias. The lacklustre screen and poor camera performance overcame my curiosity of the waterproofing. I'd have chosen a Lumia 920, but Windows Phone lacks too many key applications for my needs.

Which leaves the iPhone.

So after less than half a day's experience of the new phone what are my first impressions?

Browsing is sub-standard.

Safari on the iPhone isn't a patch on the stock Android browser with Sense on the One X, and doesn't even match up to the Note 2 in this respect. Its certainly speedy but when presented with a website that doesn't reformat for a mobile browser, Safari isn't able to reflow text. This makes for a scrappy browsing experience. This may not sound like a big problem but it does mean that some sites are all but unusable on the iPhone. I suspect this is why there are so many 'apps' on iOS that do little more than present the source's website in an iPhone friendly format.

I'm also less than impressed with the keyboard. Whilst Android OEMs have been integrating Swype and Swiftkey, to create a delightful gesture based data entry mechanism that is both fast and fun to use, Apple has stuck with the same keyboard it launched back in 2007. It's outdated. Even Windows Phone manages to be nicer to use. Perhaps I'm being to harsh after just a few hours back with the iPhone, but my gut reaction is that Apple has slipped up here.

Biggest positive takeaway from day one is the feel of the iPhone 5 in the hand. It lacks the tactility of the 4S and will probably be outdone by the HTC One, but nonetheless this is a really good phone to hold and even better in the pocket.

Tomorrow I'll be looking at user interfaces and applications.


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