Why All The Holes?

Nokia's higher end Windows Phone 8 devices both include wireless charging. Its a brilliant concept and one that should spread to all handsets as soon as possible.

But why didn't they take the opportunity to make everything else wireless too and do away with all the holes in their phones?

I single out the Lumia 920 here particularly because it doesn't offer expandable memory.

Like all top end Lumias before it the 920 is cut from a single piece of polycarbonate. It would have been very easy to leave off the headphone socket and micro-USB port and retain the integrity of the device completely.

Ultimately a smartphone needs only two openings in its case - one for a power button and another for its SIM card.

Bluetooth has all the profiles necessary to deliver wireless audio whilst syncing to a desktop is still occasionally required that can be covered using wifi.

Nokia has the ability to deliver on this more than anybody else just at the moment.

Its just a question of being adventurous enough.


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