Sony Still Has A Problem

Sony's latest flagship was the first of the 2013 competitors to launch. The Xperia Z packs a 1080p screen, boasts a degree of resistance to the elements and a high spec camera. Yet no one is buying it. It's a symptom of the disconnect that Sony have with customers.

Sony released poor phones, supported them badly and left customers with a bad taste in the mouth. Too many people just won't consider buying another phone with Sony's name on it. Contrast that with Apple, Samsung and HTC's passionate followings.

Giving those customers the confidence to come back to a Sony product has to be their priority now. This can only be achieved by making promises and delivering on them.

There's no compelling reason to buy an Xperia Z. The S4 and One have it matched or beaten in all areas, Samsung and HTC are more likely to deliver timely updates and both are doing innovative things with their platforms.

How can Sony recover their market?

I see a few options that could work. A commitment to delivering the next version of Android to all is 2013 phones would be a start. Secondly some financial inducement, ease the purchase price and add some freebies - some free Music Unlimited time and some Playstation Store credits would be a good start.

It's a question of how much Sony wants a mobile phone business. As Microsoft and Nokia are finding out some sort term financial pain can pay off in the longer term.

And it would be nice to finally have the chance to buy a Sony phone which isn't horribly compromised.


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