How Much Extra Will You Have To Pay For The Latest Device?

Retailers have started announcing prices for the new Galaxy S4 and they make for eye watering reading. At somewhere close to £600 its a lot of cash for a phone. Its much more expensive than the equivalent iPhone 5.

That the S4 makes sense when priced against the iPhone is debatable, however when you look a little closer at the Samsung catalogue its price is impossible to justify.

The Galaxy S3 remains a fantastic phone and can now be had for well under £350. Is the S4 really worth a £250 premium over its predecessor.

There's also the HTC One, which has a number of key advantages over the S4 and can be had for around £485 - I can't see anyway that the S4 justifies that price difference.

Now it may well be that these early prices are ambitious and will fall as availability increases.

It may also be that the S3 pricing is temporary as the model is run out (unlikely though as the S2 still sells well).

Whatever the case, for the moment Galaxy S4 pricing doesn't sit well and you'd be well advised to delay purchasing until they've righted themselves.


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