F1: Dangerous Decisions

Aside from all the uproar about team orders and who did what to who in Malaysia last weekend, there was a more serious issue which seems to have been missed by all of the normal F1 pundits.

When Ferrari decided to leave Fernando Alonso's Ferrari out on track at the end of the first lap they put driver safety second behind track position and that was an unacceptable decision. This should not be allowed to pass without comment.

The front wing on Alonso's car was damaged, attached to the car by only one of its supports and was breaking up as the car circulated the Malaysian track. Given the speeds attained on both the first and last straights of the lap the prospect of a chunk of that wing detaching and hitting one of the following cars doesn't bar thinking about. Who can forget Felipe Massa's serious head injuries after a similar occurrence in Hungary in 2010?

Even if that worst case scenario hadn't occurred when the wing inevitably collapsed and became wedged under the car Alonso became a passenger, he was lucky that there was nothing for him to hit. If he'd have run into the back of Webber's Red Bull and been launched we might be talking about a completely different controversy now.

If David Coulthard was able to predict this happening in the BBC commentary surely those on the Ferrari pit wall should have been able to do the same?

The FIA need to sanction Ferrari before the next race in China so that all teams are aware of their responsibilities to everybody at a motor race.

Winning is important. Not at any cost though.


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