Cheaper Phones Offer Better Value

What's the best smartphone that money can buy, today, right now?

Chances are that there are as many answers as there are top end smartphones.

The problem is that these top of the line devices set such high expectations that it's almost inevitable that they are going to disappoint you.

Take a look at some of the reviews of the iPhone 5, Nexus 4 and HTC One. You'll find nit picking that if we stepped back and thought about would have us laughing at their irrelevance.

The price that we pay for those high end devices is so high though, that we are unable to forgive even the smallest mis-step by the manufacturer.

Cheaper phones have a much easier time of it. Our expectations are so much lower.

There's an awful lot that a £125 smartphone can get away with because of its price. And in the end even those bargain basement devices accomplish all that a smartphone should.

So next time you're picking a smartphone ask yourself 'how much am I paying for all these bells and whistles?'
If the answer is more than they're worth to you it's time to pick a cheaper phone.
Or maybe even live with the one you already have...


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