Yahoo Kills Work From Home

Flexible working and the ability to place shift your working hours are key tools in maintaining a healthy workplace. Studies have shown that employees are more productive, work longer hours and respond more quickly when doing so.

Against this backdrop news that Yahoo is shortly to kill the practice for all of ours employees, all of the time looks suspect.

In amongst the outrage from staff - some of whom have only ever worked from home - are some honest grievances. Certainly no company in the UK would be able to enforce such a radical change without significant consultation.

However, for Yahoo to make this change there had obviously been a decision that flexible working isn't... working. Once that's been established fixing the issues becomes a matter of urgency. Yahoo is a company with serious problems to address and having the guts to implement such a change speed that management are getting into the task.

It may cost them some good people in the short term, but those who believe on the company will understand that drastic problems demand drastic solutions.

On its own not a sign of the company's health, but certainly a good indicator of change to come.


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