WP Central: Eight Required Windows Phone Changes

Here's a very good article on WP Central which points out some of the shortcomings in Windows Phone as they stand right now.

My biggest gripe right now remains the absence of too many vital applications, but I'd have to agree that Microsoft has to make most of these changes - hopefully in the update due to be announced at MWC. I'd also add one of my own - a system-wide toggle for screen rotation. Its an absolute necessity and doesn't seem to me to be an awfully difficult thing to add.

The arrival of a revamped Blackberry platform puts the pressure back onto Microsoft and it needs to make good on some of its key promises with the platform. Having Ben Rudolph and the Smoked by Windows Phone team travelling the continental US winning highly selective 'challenges' against other platforms isn't going to be enough now. Users who signed into their Lumias eighteen months ago have already seen the unpleasant side of being on Windows Phone, with Microsoft making their hardware obsolete when introducing WP8. To persuade them to pick another Windows Phone at contract renewal time is going to require some serious delivery from Microsoft over the next few months.

8 things that Microsoft needs to fix in Windows Phone 8 right now | Windows Phone Central


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