This Sort of Advert Isn't Going To Solve Microsoft's Surface Problems

I'm not entirely sure what Microsoft is trying to achieve here. The original Surface RT ad was bad enough, but this really takes the suckiness to a whole new level.

I imagine this sort of advert is having zero effect in promoting the Surface as a viable solution to anybody. Back that up with reviews which can be called ho-hum at best and I'm struggling to see how Microsoft managed to sell a million Surfaces last quarter... its an achievement I'm not expecting to see repeated even if you lump together Surface and Surface Pro sales next time around.

Someone needs to tell Microsoft's ad account holder that Microsoft is not Apple, it can't make this kind of advert work because its product and reputation mitigate against it. Something that demonstrates the capability of the Surface Pro as a flexible laptop replacement, showing lots of desktop class apps running would work better.



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