Smartwatch Market Ripe For Apple Intervention

Apple 2.0 isn't about innovation. When the iPod launched there was a reasonably healthy Digital Music Player market already. None were particularly user friendly or easy to use, but Apple came in with a product that worked - and worked well. The same is true for smartphones and tablets.

Now the talk is about the launch of a bluetooth connected smartwatch that will link to your iPhone and, possibly, allow you to take and make calls through it.

Its interesting that Apple should be entering the market just now, because there are several smartwatches currently available - Sony being the biggest name playing this game.

The problem seems to be that none of the smartwatches currently available are very good. Bluetooth connectivity drains batteries quickly, maintaining a connection with pre-bluetooth 4.0 specification devices is problematic and finding the right mix of functionality and utility is challenging.

All conditions that mean an iWatch (as several sources have dubbed it) would be able to disrupt the existing market and grow overall sales significantly. If the link to the iPhone can be achieved reliably and dedicated apps for the iWatch delivered seamlessly I can see this being a success.

And of course the requirement to be linked to an iPhone can only help sales of the latter, just at the time when analysts are suggesting we've reached a peak for iPhone sales.

Interesting times ahead...


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