ReadWrite: Who's Manipulating Apple's Stock?

This is an interesting piece by the ever interesting Dan Lyons. Apple's share  price went into freefall after its last set of results. Suddenly everyone is talking about the iWatch and the stock is on its  way back up.

There's definitely a question to be asked about who is driving massive price changes in Apple's shares. Lyons  suggests that it's probably Apple. I disagree.

Big money had been attracted by Apple and their meteoric sales. However at $700 a share there wasn't a lot of scope to play the long game and make money on investors buying at higher and higher prices.

Solution? Dump shares, drive the price down and then when it's dropped as low as possible buy again before driving the price back up with rumours of big selling new products.

As ever, the easiest way to see what's really happening is to see who is moving large numbers of Apple shares.

Who's Manipulating Apple Stock With This iWatch Story? – ReadWrite


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