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PC and Tablet Sales Numbers Converging

Microsoft's reasonably good financial figures announced this week have led some to question whether the PC market is dead after all. Well here's a little takeaway from IDC's number on tablet sales. As sales of PCs fall and those of tablets rise we're rapidly approaching crossover point. Today one tablet is sold for every two PCs. I suspect by the time that those numbers are published in a couple of quarters time we'll be at parity and by next holiday sales season the reverse will be completed.

Why do I believe this is the case? Consumers have realised that they don't really need a home PC, an iPad or Galaxy Tab will do all that they need it to do. Rather than replacing an aging PC with a new one it makes much more sense to buy a tablet and allow the old PC to soldier on a bit longer, given that its going to be seeing less and less use. Enterprise IT departments are having their budgets squeezed, one way of getting better return on their investment in a PC is to keep it longer. Three year replacement cycles are being stretched to five year cycles, thin client technology is starting to edge PCs off desks and of course BYOD and the demands for less intrusive technology has meant that users are already happily using their iPads at work.

No the tablet can't replace every PC, but the winds of change are blowing and its an ill wind for any PC OEM who hasn't switched tack...