HP Joining The Android Tablet Game

Like a mad dog chasing its tail HP is searching for relevance in the post-PC world. Nominally the largest manufacturer of PCs, HP's management team have recognised that they face significant problems if they can't re-orientate the company as the PC market shrinks.

In the current climate its amazing that HP don't have a smartphone to offer. And they're only offering Windows 8 tablets - something that, thus far at least, doesn't seem to be setting the sales charts alight. The decision to launch an Android tablet is a positive one.

However that is not going to be a guarantee of success. The tablet market is still a predominantly Apple playground. In the Android space the competition is cut throat. Samsung were first to market with an Android device and the first to recognise the value of a smaller pocketable tablet, whilst Amazon and Google have bought sales by being much cheaper than the competition. The rest of the companies fighting for Android tablet sales are struggling. The market for premium tablets is limited and the low end is stuffed full of cheap OEM kit that's reached almost disposable pricing.

If HP wants to be a big player in this market it cannot deliver a range of me too devices. Differentiation is king here and unless they can find the new and innovative it's going to be another HP washout. And in a market where even Apple is struggling to be innovative that's a big ask.


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