HP Android Tablet Surfaces in Bargain Basement

Seems somebody at HP was learning lessons when the WebOS disaster was being played out. The lesson being that branded tablets fly off the shelves when they're seen as offering great value.

To this end HP has launched its first Android tablet with an eye to offering value and competing in the space between the no-name imports and Google's Nexus. Which seems like a small space to play in, but with the brand name to beat the imports and added features like micro-SD expansion and Beats audio to compete with the Nexus its might be a big enough space for HP to gain some traction.

The only let down on the HP is the so-so resolution of the display panel, but at this price level this may not prove to be too much of a hinderance.

HP sees this as the start of a range of tablets, which would put it into direct competition with Samsung - should make for some interesting challenges in the future.

The 7 will retail for $169 when it arrives next month.


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