Galaxy Note 8: Phablet to the Extreme

What's probably too big to fit into your pocket, too big to hold up to your head and yet still packs phone functionality? Yes, its the latest Galaxy Note, running in at 8" and squaring up to the iPad Mini.

Samsung's strategy over the last few years has been one of carpet bombing the market with phones and tablets of all sizes and capabilities to ensure that whatever your particulalr preference in the market they have a device you might consider.

The Note 8 takes the best of the Note 2 and Note 10.1 and creates a tweener device. What makes it interesting is that it supports use as a phone, so potentially you could dispense with your day to day device and your smartphone and tablet and carry one device that does it all.

Its a concept that I considered with the original Galaxy Tab, which similarly packed phone functionality into a tablet device. The difference with the Galaxy Tab was that with its 7" screen it could fit into the back pocket of a pair of pants, a suit pocket or even (just) the front pocket of a pair of jean - assuming you didn't want to sit down in a hurry. The Note 8, like the iPad Mini, just can't do this.

Which is a shame, because a Note 7 may just have been the device to tempt me to try out the tablet as a phone concept. Would the presence of a extra large screen offset the need to make calls on a headset? Maybe, people laughed at the Galaxy Note when it first arrived and look how that's gone for Samsung. Maybe phones don't need to be phone sized now we rarely use them as phones any more...


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