Whither RIM in 2013?

RIM hasn't had a great time of it late, with sales to enterprises falling, sales to consumers static and the smartphone market blowing up all around them. The failure of its tablet to make an impact doesn't point to a bright and rosy future either.

However, to credit the Canadians, they've stuck it out, pushing a couple of reasonable holding upgrades to their OS and kept the Playbook on the shelves despite having to write back the price significantly. And first glimpses of Blackberry 10 seem to have garnered positive responses. The launch of BES 10 suggests that the new phones aren't far away either. Adding support for other phones to BES looks like an interesting move too.

Now the company is alleged to be plotting an expensive Superbowl ad to launch the new OS and its first handset sporting the shiny new software. On top of this I've seen some whispers that Lenovo are interested in taking control - if true it moves Blackberry back into a position where it still may be able to compete with Microsoft in the enterprise arena.

Signs are that perhaps there's still some fight left in RIM after all...


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