This is Auckland Calling

So we moved around the world. But even with a quarter of a tonne baggage allowance (yes, really) there's only so much tech you can justify carrying on an aeroplane. Especially when you've got to get through security clearance.

I narrowed down my travel kit to a few essentials. My MacBook Air 11 and iPad Mini made it onto the plane with me, whilst my Transformer Prime and Acer Timeline were entrusted to the hold. I could only narrow down my phone choice to three, one on my person and two in the baggage (what do you mean that seems excessive?) For entertainment I carried my PS Vita - gaming quality is just a different league from a phone or tablet.

On arrival the first job was to track down local SIM cards with data - best deal seemed to be a Vodafone prepay (difficult to sign a contract with no address or bank cards) which offered 250MB of data with a $20 top-up. Great! Except that Android's super helpful automated tasks caught me out. Google+ and the gallery app ate through the data allowance by uploading images I was taking - within 12 hours it was all gone... aaargh! One $40 top up later I had a 1GB allowance and background tasks which consumed data firmly denied in the Android control panel.

Next task was to add a data connection in our apartment, easy enough barring the wired Ethernet connection required. Hitting up a local Apple dealer got me a rather nice USB to Ethernet adapter and we were off and running. OS X's ability to allow a wired connection to be shared through wireless - turning the MBA into the world's most expensive wireless hotspot - has allowed us to work pretty much as usual.

I've been hugely impressed with the amount of wifi that covers Auckland - provided free by the Council in the City Centre, on the city's buses and even onto the beaches. Most of Auckland's excellent (and locally owned) coffee shops offer free wifi too.

So things are getting back to normal on a technical front down here. Now, did anything exciting happen whilst I was offline?


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