The Guardian: Apple Has Lost Its Cultural Clout

Its a rarity, an article about Apple in the Guardian with even the merest hint of criticism, but this piece from Heidi Moore makes some good points about the problems facing Apple going forward.

Without Steve Jobs there's been a lack of innovation - Apple has been restricted to two technology strategies - 'add more pixels' or 'change its size' - neither is conducive to ongoing growth of the type that financiers look for.

Of course Apple does have one product in its line up which is crying out for further development - Apple TV, which is only a couple of developments away from iPad-style financial greatness. This could be the set top box that brings Apple into the potentially very profitable position of being in everyone's living room. A position it currently cedes to Microsoft of all people. But with better games, connectivity and online options that Xbox just can't match at the moment Tim Cook is sitting on the product that could make his name.

All he has to do is stop sitting on it...

Come on Apple, think different | Heidi Moore | Comment is free |


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