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Nokia Announces Cut Price Music Subscriptions

Nokia's free Music app has been one of the differentiators that the company has used to separate its Lumias from other Windows Phones. Providing radio-style streaming of curated playlists its been an excellent addition to the Windows Phone fold.

Now the service is about to take a forward leap and start competing with Spotify and other services - including XBox Music. The subscription / download model is pretty much the same as that employed elsewhere, however the €4 Monthly price tag is a significantly better entry point than any of the competition. Spotify asks £10 per month for its service, Microsoft £89 per annum.

Music+ as the service will be known, looks like a winner based on price and capability, although being restricted to Nokia's own devices somewhat narrows the market.

Still a good effort from the Finns and, if it makes it across to Auckland, something I will be definitely adding to my Lumia.