How Much PC Do You Need? Maybe None At All

Since arriving in Auckland I've flip-flopped between the three phones that I brought with me - each has its own good reasons for being my daily driver. There's been no such confusion over my main computing - despite having my MacBook Air, Acer Timeline and iPad Mini with me the only device I'm using is the Transformer Prime.

The flexibility of the Prime is its winning feature here - when I need a tablet its a tablet, when I need a keyboard its a laptop and when I need phenomenal battery life its able to deliver. With keyboard dock attached I'm able to spend a busy day away from the mains and still have enough in the tank to do at least one more comfortably. It doesn't hurt that the Prime's keyboard is excellent and having a battery means that's its heavy enough to maintain the correct balance without having to resort to kick stands.

Android has come far enough that its possible to complete all my computing tasks on the Prime. In fact in that respect its a far better platform than the connected only Chromebooks, which aren't as flexible and fall apart as a tool when you lose a data connection. Asus has kept true to its word and delivered Android updates for the Prime on time and stuck with a pretty much standard Android build as well. The net result is a device that gets better and better with time.

What it has demonstrated to me more than ever is that for most users and most tasks a desktop OS is too much for what they need. Despite Microsoft's Windows division posting impressive numbers for the last quarter this more than anything proves to me that we're transitioning to the post-PC era.


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