FCC Outs New Apple TV

Apple's next gen Apple TV doesn't look like its far from an official announcement after it was outed by the FCC. Specs point to a slightly smaller unit with a new processor and wireless antenna.

Interestingly, as part of yesterday's iOS 6.1 update the Apple TV gained support for Bluetooth keyboards. Useful for typing searches into the media control front end, but surely overkill for just that purpose?

Putting two and two together (and possibility reaching eight!) my feeling is that the Apple TV is about to get a but of a capability boost in its next iteration. Which is a good thing. For what is a pretty good product with huge amounts of potential to disrupt the established tech in the living room market, Apple hasn't really pushed forward with the TV. In that time Microsoft have made the Xbox a better product for things other than games and Google has launched a competitive product too. Even Sony seems to have been working on the PS3 to boost its home entertainment credibility.

So, is this the time for Apple to take on the living room and turn the Apple TV into something more than just a remote display?


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