Chromebook Sales Growing, But Google Could Push It Into The Mainstream

Acer has just announced a huge jump in sales of its Google Chromebooks, accounting for at least 5% of the company US laptop sales. It's a surprise, but a pleasant one for Google. With both Lenovo and HP announcing that they will be selling Chromebooks its looking very much like the cloud OS has arrived, albeit in a small way.

However Google has really got an opportunity to hurt Microsoft's Windows 8 sales and probably put a dent into MacBook sales too. The launch of a Nexus Chromebook could have the same effect on sales as the launch of the Nexus 7, which sent Android tablet sales rocketing, even if it was a response to the Kindle Fire's success.

My vision for the Chromebook Nexus would be a hybrid device, running both Android and ChromeOS, merging the best options for online and offline operation into one device. If it were to come together in a Transformer-style device allowing laptop to tablet conversion we'd be talking about the genesis of a new model for portable computing.

Yes there will always be those outliers who need more then this super hybrid style of device can offer, but the 80:20 rule tells us that most users are paying for and carrying more computing power than they'll ever use on the road.

For them the Chromebook Nexus sounds like the perfect device.


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