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Windows 8: Can This Gamble Work?

Remember the big hullabaloo when Windows 95 launched? What about XP? Windows Vista and Windows 7 you'll probably remember less well. Windows 8? You probably don't know that it's launched tomorrow.The new Windows 8 interface is a great leap forward for Microsoft, its sensational to look at and should work really very well on a tablet. My worry is that it's too big a change for most users who will probably retreat to the safety of Windows 7, seek out an Apple instead or abandon the desktop metaphor completely and move to iPads and Android tablets in their droves.As iOS and Android developers add more and more desktop-like functions to their software more and more users will drop off the ecosystem. After all, when a Transformer Prime offers 15-20 hours of usable battery life in a user friendly tablet/laptop hybrid design and can do most of what you want from your main computer why would you buy into Windows? Or when the iPad, teamed with an external keyboard delivers a se…