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Banks Want To Open Debate on Free Banking

In recent years the banks have managed to make themselves hugely unpopular with the public at large. Now in a move which is going to go down as well as a ham sandwich at a Barmitzvah, leading bankers are calling for an end to free banking. Seriously? These guys are amazing. First of all banking is far from free, with charges for overdrafts, loans and mortgages. The credit balance that we keep in our current and savings accounts is all that keeps a bank financially viable. In return we get no, or little interest on our funds. That same money gets loaned out at huge margin and even then the banks came running to the tax payer for a bailout when they screwed up their commercial investments through greed. No, its not free banking that needs to end, but the corrupt way that banks are allowed to get away with contemptible treatment of their customers.

Poor iPhone Signal

I've recently come to realise that my experience of O2's dreadful network performance didn't mirror that of some of my friends. Last week I drove the 140 miles from Coventry to Ormskirk and for only 22 miles of that journey did my iPhone manage to grab a 3G signal.

Given that we're talking about travelling along the M1 and M6 motorways it just didn't seem very likely that the problem was O2 related.

I decided to get myself a SIM card adapter and see where the problem really lies. Having fitted the new franken-SIM into my Galaxy Nexus I have already discovered that areas where the iPhone can only find a 2G network are actually 3G or better areas of coverage when the SIM card is in the Samsung phone.

I'm now convinced that my iPhone has a faulty antenna or some other service impacting problem.

I'll soon be rerunning the trip to Coventry and I'm looking forward to seeing the result of using the I phone's SIM in a phone which isn't suffering fr…