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Showing posts from February 12, 2012

The iPhone 4S Mess

It's hard to label a phone that's sold so well a dud, but my iPhone 4S has been so incredibly poor recently that I find it hard to call it anything else.

It's a shame because up until three weeks ago things had been going fine. Then one afternoon it decided to go into meltdown - literally. I felt a burning sensation on my leg and when I pulled the phone from my pocket it was red hot and impossible to hold. I powered it down completely and once it had cooled later that evening restarted it. All seemed fine. Then the battery discharged from full to empty over the course of six hours one night - causing me to miss an alarm.

Having been an iOS 5.01 hold out up until that point I was forced to comply and things have gone downhill steadily since. Battery life? Gone to pot. Network connectivity? Poor. Internet access? Completely goosed - the browser will refuse to load certain websites and tells me that there's no connectivity; the App Store is inaccessible and Spotify spend…

2012 F1 Cars Are Super Ugly

I can't imagine anyone is going to be putting the current crop of F1 cars onto their walls as posters. The new stepped nose design (adopted by all but Mclaren) has to be the worst thing advance in F1 design since the turning vane/barge board.Now I understand that fast is beautiful in the eyes of the designers, teams and drivers; but just how twisted have the regulations become when even painted Ferrari red the just look like Joe Bugner after another mauling?

Android Fragmented? Not So Much

Fragmentation? Its a terrible problem on the Android platform - or at least so the naysayers would have you believe.

Localytics, though, has data which pretty much refutes this. In fact 96% of Android handsets are running Android 2.2 or 2.3 (Froyo and the updated Gingerbread) - with the majority on 2.3. Not the latest version I grant you, but given that Android 4.0 has only appeared on one handset so far - the wonderful Galaxy Nexus - that's hardly surprising.

Details here - including some information on screen size which suggests that bigger is exactly what customers want...